Publiciteit is a public art project by Publication Studio Rotterdam featuring local artists Ilke Gers and Falke Pisano, and poet Çağlar Köseoğlu. In their different ways, each of the newly commissioned works consider the politics and possibilities of publishing in public space, drawing on Publication Studio Rotterdam’s aim to find alternative ways to consider the social life of the book. Wiggling into the loopholes of the civic policies that determine our movement and demarcating the invisible histories that sit beyond the public record are just some of the approaches that are chalked up, recited and considered when asking what publishing can be in a city like Rotterdam. In pushing such questions into the realm of the city, elements inherent to publishing—like distributing textual material or developing a readership—are applied to public space as a way to communicate and circulate facets of Rotterdam that may not always intersect.

The works will are accompanied by a citywide poster campaign, this website and a series of guided tours by artist Toon Fibbe. If you would prefer to navigate the works on your own, you can follow the QR codes on the posters and listen to the audio guides accessible via the work and on this website to conduct a self-directed tour 24/7. Additionally, an exhibition catalogue—edited, designed and printed by Publication Studio Rotterdam—will be available at the finnissage of Publiciteit on September 12. Location and time will be announced on our instagram page closer to the date.


Çağlar Köseoğlu

Çağlar Köseoğlu is a poet and educator living in Rotterdam. He teaches literature, politics and postcolonial theory at Erasmus University College and the Piet Zwart Institute. His second collection of poetry, Nasleep [Aftermath], was published by het balanseer in 2020.

Read more about the work asylum sayfa görüntüsü ferocious er is nederlands arms duygu derivaat debris ve you, and listen to the audio guide while visiting the work, here.

Ilke Gers

Ilke Gers is a visual artist from Aotearoa New Zealand now based in Rotterdam. She makes site-sensitive installations that can be physically experienced by the public.

Read more about the work Limelight, and listen to the audio guide while visiting the work, here.

Falke Pisano

Falke Pisano is an artist who lives and works in Rotterdam. She considers her practice as a way of public thinking about/in the world with a particular focus on how certain enduring ideas, divisions, institutions and systems have developed (historically, culturally) and how artistic practices might play a role in questioning and challenging them.

Read more about the work Before the Law, and listen to the audio guide while visiting the work, here.

PSR Publication Studio Rotterdam

Founded in Portland in 2009, Publication Studio is publisher of original books distributing through a global network, a printer and binder able to make books one-at-a-time and a social gathering place for those interested in publication or in publishing their own work. Currently composed of a network of eleven studios around the world, the books are stored in shared digital catalogue, distributed across geographies via the internet and made by hand for local publics in each of the studio locations. By working to connect the city to its inspiring network of like-minded thinkers and publishers across the world, Rotterdam’s very own iteration of Publication Studio has become a staple in the local artistic community.

The Rotterdam branch of Publication Studio was started in 2015 by designer Yin Yin Wong and artist Micha Zweifel. At the time, it was housed in Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Museum of Design, Architecture and Digital Culture. While there, the studio functioned as an open workshop and publisher, generating titles and holding many events within the studio space at the museum. In January 2017, the studio moved to its own store front in Rotterdam North to focus more heavily on being a print-on-demand self-organised studio. The studio provides printing, design and editing services alongside commissioning its own titles, which primarily focus on working with artists who wouldn’t otherwise have the means to publish their work. Isabelle Sully joined the team as editor and co-director in 2017, and the studio has since explored other concurrent forms of ‘publishing’, like exhibition making, public events, social sculptures and workshops, often working in collaboration with other arts organisations and institutions. Since 2019 she works as a freelance curator and editor with Publication Studio Rotterdam.


Curators: Isabelle Sully and Yin Yin Wong
Contributing artists: Ilke Gers, Çağlar Köseoğlu and Falke Pisano
Graphic Design: Yin Yin Wong
Publication editor: Isabelle Sully
Website programmer: Charlotte Brand
Documentation: Studiowolphi
Tour guide: Toon Fibbe
Artist assistance (Ilke Gers): Josje Hattink
Poster distribution: Kultuurkoerier, Rotterdam

A very special thank you to Caró van der Pluijm, Egbert Alejandro Martina, Mesut Bayral, Jungmyung Lee, Erika Roux, Maike Hemmers, Charlotte Brand and Matt Hinkley